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LED Wood Grain Humidifier

LED Wood Grain Humidifier

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🌿💧 LED Wood Grain Humidifier 💧🌿

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Product Information: 

🔹 Product: USB Portable Humidifier 
🔹 Water Capacity: 300 ml 
🔹 Size: 110110115mm 
🔹 Color: Dark Wood Grain, Light Wood Grain 
🔹 Power: 2W 
🔹 Voltage: 5V 
🔹 Spray Power: 50ml/h

How to Use: 
1️⃣ Open the top cover counterclockwise. 
2️⃣ Add clear water to the reservoir. 
3️⃣ Connect the USB Power Supply. 
4️⃣ Single-click the switch to open the spray mode.

Package Includes: 
1️⃣ Humidifier
2️⃣ USB Data Line
3️⃣ Instructions for Use*1

Attention: When using essential oils, add 1-2 drops per 250ml of water. Please ensure the proper proportion to prevent damage to the humidifier.

Thank you for choosing our LED Wood Grain Humidifier. Enjoy a soothing and comfortable atmosphere wherever you go!

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